A flourishing home-grown not-for-profit social business, established 2010

Vision for Homes was founded, and continues to be operated, by Papua and New Guineans.  It was registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) and commenced operations in 2010. Vision for Homes grew out of the Western Highlands affiliate of Habitat for Humanity PNG (HFHPNG) when HFHPNG ceased operations.

Today, Vision for Homes employs and trains Papua New Guineans in building skills. Since 2010, Vision for Homes has built or renovated and repaired over 110 high quality, structurally sound houses. New builds include houses for teachers, policemen and district officials as well as for individual families, 13 double classrooms, a clinic for ICRC in the Southern Highlands, aid posts for two Western Highlands communities, Umi and Kopeng, and a Ward building in Dei District.  Two ‘show homes’, demonstrating the quality of structures built by Vision for Homes, have been built.  One is in the Vision for Homes compound (located near Kagamuga Airport, Mt Hagen).  The other is located in one of the new suburbs of Port Moresby.  For details of house designs, refer to Scope of Work

Assessment of earthquake damage in Southern Highlands and Hela provinces: in 2018  Vision for Homes worked with its Australian partner, Partner Housing Australasia (Building) (PHAB), to assess structural damage to buildings  after the February earthquake, and nature and extent of to repairs required to structures.

Aid Post construction: Vision for Homes, assisted by PHAB, completed an aid post in the Umi community, near Mt Hagen in 2020.  The structure was prefabricated in the Vision for Homes compound in Mt Hagen and transported to Umi for erection. The aid post has now been handed over to the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) who will staff, resource and maintain the aid post. For more details, please refer to the Umi Aid Post page: Umi Aid Post

In June 2021, Vision for Homes, assisted by PHAB, completed construction of an aid post for the WHPHA in Kopeng, a community in a remote area of the province. For more details, please refer to the Kopeng Aid Post page: Kopeng Aid Post

Expansion plans: Vision for Homes, supported by PHAB, is working towards expanding operations to Port Moresby.  The ‘show home’ is designed to be used with government agencies, aid agencies and private individuals as an example of the quality of work that Vision for Homes can undertake.  For further details, please contact the General Manager of Vision for Homes.