Vision for Homes Carpenter Traineeship – 2 years total

  • Training period is an initial 4 months of theory and practical training, followed by 4 months of practical training, followed by a further period during which the trainee must be available for work on Vision for Homes Projects. Pay rate would be at the normal skilled carpenter rate (currently K$250 per fortnight).
  • The program will train approximately 15 trainees at any one period.
  • There will be at least one intake per year.


Stage 1 – Theory and practical (approximately 4 months)

  • Trainee is to attend theory classes one day a week and be assigned a new house project to work for the remainder of the week alongside an experienced carpenter.
  • The trainee is to be involved in all parts of the construction from beginning to end.
  • The stage of house construction will coincide with the material being presented in the theory classes.
  • The trainee will receive no pay during this time but accommodation and food will be provided during the working week (not on weekends).
  • Initial training program fee is K$200.

Stage 2 – Practical (approximately 4 months)

  • Trainee will be assigned a second house project to construct alongside an experienced carpenter.
  • This time, the trainee will have more responsibility and the experienced carpenter  acts as a helper.
  • Pay rate will be K$50 per fortnight (NOTE: standard unskilled labour rate is currently K$70 per fortnight).
  • No accommodation or food provided – trainee must meet own costs.

Stage 3 – Carpenter to Vision for Homes (remainder of 2 year period)

  • Trainee is to be employed by Vision for Homes as a carpenter to take the lead role in constructing houses for the remainder of the 2 year period.
  • Pay rate during this time will be K$250 per fortnight (based on current pay scales).
  • No accommodation or food will be provided.
  • At the completion of the stage 3, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion of the training program.