Skilled Staff

Executive Member and General Manager: Kelly Kombra-Peng; founding Board member and General Manager.  Education: Diploma of Agricultural Extension; currently studying for Masters Degree in Development Studies at UniTech, Lae. Work experience: Agricultural Extension Officer, Coffee Growers Association; Project Manager, Habitat for Humanity PNG; General Manager, Vision for Homes PNG Ltd.

Building teams: five teams lead by builders experienced in carpentry and concrete block laying.

Trainees: attendees at building skills courses conducted by Vision for Homes PNG (for details, refer to Training).  Trainees join building teams to gain practical experience.

Casual building workers: recruited as required from communities in which building taking place.

Kelly Kombra-Peng and Finance Manager (casual) with two Board Members, Matt Kum and Bob Neringa
Kelly Kombra-Peng with two Board Members, Matt Kum and Bob Neringa (to left) in Vision for Homes PNG training room